Bicycle Safety tips

  • Take your bikes "ABC Quick Check" -- check the air, brakes, cranks and chains, and quick releases.
  • Inspect your helmet for a proper fit and strap it. The unbuttoned helmet should be level and two fingers wide above the eyebrows, with only a small movement when shaking from side to side. The chin strap should reach approximately one-half inch below the chin with the mouth closed. 
  • Wear clothing that can protect you from the elements, be seen by drivers, and fit snugly to prevent skin irritation and chain snagging.
  • Adjust the height, angle, and handlebar of the bike seat for comfort.
  • Learn to change gears in various degrees and to make driving easier. Always shift into a comfortable starting gear before stopping. 
  • Use good bicycle manners; announce as you pass; yield when entering and crossing; stay to the right; pass by the left; the hand signal turns and stops; and use lights at night.