According to Harvard Medical School, there are "5 surprising benefits of walking":  

  1. Walking can counteract the effects of weight-promoting genes.
  2. Walking can help tame your sweet tooth.
  3. Walking reduces the risk of developing cancer.
  4. Walking eases joint pain. 
  5. Walking will boost immune system function. 

Nashville has made serious strides in enhancing its sidewalks and streets for pedestrians, making it a more reliable form of transportation than ever before. Thanks to the efforts of WalknBike Nashville and the goals outlined in Access Nashville 2040, getting around the city has never been smoother. From improved sidewalks to bike-friendly lanes, Nashville is making it easier for residents to ditch their cars and opt in for more sustainable modes of transportation. Whether you're walking to catch a WeGo Bus, hopping on the WeGo Star, or grabbing an e-bike from the nearest corral, Nashville's dedication to walkability and bike-ability is creating an accessible and sustainable city. 

Walking Tips

  • Walk on the sidewalk when available. If there if no sidewalk, walk facing oncoming traffic and as far away from traffic as possible. 
  • Cross streets at crosswalks or intersections. Do not cross limited-access highways like I-65.