Commute Fair 

For larger audiences, we can coordinate an on-site commuter fair. This could include other transportation agencies and partners in addiction to Nashville Connector. We can bring a WeGo bus on site to demonstrate the service. We can also focus on a specific mode of transportation. If the event is held over the lunch hour, we can provide free lunch. 

Bike/Bus Group Ride

We can help employees feel more comfortable biking or taking transit to work. We plan group bike rides or transit trips to help employees learn a new transportation mode and have some fun along the way. 

Carpool/Vanpool Challenge

We can help your agency plan a carpool or vanpool challenge where staff can be rewarded based on different measures for carpooling such as the most carpools taken in a month, largest carpool, etc. 

Commute Education

Virtual or In-Person Lunch & Learn

We regularly work with employers to host events with their commuters to overview transportation options and commuting programs and answer their questions. This could be done in a virtual meeting or on site. 

Transit Trip Planning 

For commuters who wish to take transit to work but are unsure of what their route options are, we offer individualized trip plans. The trip plans describe the available routes and schedule for a transit trip between the employee's home address and office. 

Employer Tools

Carpool Coaching, Registration, & Permits

We can help employers to promote carpooling as a cost-effective and more sustainable alternative. We can provide signage so carpool employees can have front row parking spots and provide other incentives to start a carpool program. 

Remote Working Guide 

An employer guide that overviews best-practice for successful remote working polices.